Hunting for Tent Rentals in Charlotte, NC

tent rentals Charlotte, NC

Never let the weather make or break your event. Charlotte Party Rentals is the perfect place for tent rentals in Charlotte, NC. Rain or shine, tents will provide the perfect coverage for your next outdoor event. Whether you’re planning a wedding, birthday party, or graduation party, it’s important to have a tent for your guests.


When searching for tent rentals in Charlotte, NC it is important to know exactly what you are looking for when beginning your hunt. Make sure you have an idea of the size you need to accommodate your guests. Many companies that provide tent rentals in Charlotte, NC offer many different sizes to choose from.


Another important step to take when searching for tent rentals in Charlotte, NC is deciding if you will need tables and chairs to go along with your tent. At Charlotte Party Rentals we offer great tent packages with enough tables and chairs to fit the tent comfortably! Not only do these packages include a large tent, tables, and chairs, but they also include delivery and set up. The tent packages we offer at Charlotte Party Rentals are the 20×20 tent package. This includes the 20×20 tent, 36 chairs, and 6 of our six-foot tables. We also have the 20×30 tent package. This includes the 20×30 tent, 48 chairs, and 8 of our 6-foot tables. Finally, we have our 20×40 tent package. This includes the 20×40 tent, 60 chairs, and 10 of our 6-foot tables. All of these, as previously stated, include delivery, set up, and take down. Which makes them quite the bargain. Check out how to find tent rentals in Charlotte, NC here on our website for pricing and more information!


Many companies that provide tent rentals in Charlotte, NC will charge for the delivery and set up. Make sure to check prior to renting so you are aware of the fees that will be charged! Renters often do not take the time to check out what the pricing of delivery is before booking. Most websites will have it posted, however, it may not be right up front and noticeable. At Charlotte Party Rentals, we make sure to acknowledge this charge for tents, tables, and chairs, on each page so all of our clients are aware of extra charges before booking with us.


Overall, finding tent rentals in Charlotte, NC doesn’t have to be difficult. There are a few simple questions to ask, but as long as the customer is aware of what they are looking for and when, coming to Charlotte Party Rentals for your tent will make it a breeze!


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