Rental Policy

Do I need to place a deposit?

Yes, a rental deposit is usually required. When reserving online a 10% rental deposit will be required. When reserving over the phone only a credit card number will be required to make a reservation. The remaining balance can be paid C.O.D. upon delivery or with a credit card or check paid before the delivery date.

How far in advance should I reserve?

We recommend you reserve about 1-2 weeks in advance. Since we have a limited number of certain styles of products it is a good idea to reserve weeks ahead of time to ensure availability. For park orders it is required to reserve at least 3 days before the event date for insurance processing.

Do you deliver and set up the inflatables?

Yes, we handle the delivery, setup and pick up for all inflatable games; however, delivery of tables, chairs and tents is only “curbside delivery”. We will coordinate with you for the delivery and pickup times so the products are set up before your event starts and picked up after your event finishes.

What is “curbside delivery”?

“Curbside delivery” is strictly a drop-off of the items to the address requested. Setup of tables, chairs and tents is the responsibility of the renting party. We will drop off all items at the address requested and return to pick up the items. We ask that you prepare the items for pick-up just as they were dropped off; that is to say that tables, chairs and tents should be folded and put away as they were dropped off.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you must cancel your reservation for any reason, we require you give us a 3 day notice before your event day. To view our full cancellation policy please view our Terms and Agreements.

What if it rains on the day of the event?

For safety reasons we do not deliver when it is raining or if there are high winds (over 20 mph). If it rains during your event day we will cancel the reservation and fully refund your money. Please refer to our Rain Policy.

Is the Blower included?

Yes, the blowers used to pump the inflatables are included in the rental price.

Is a Generator Included?

No, if you do not have electrical power available at your setup location than you MUST rent a Generator as well. If you do have a Portable Generator and want to use that instead of renting one, you must Contact Us to make sure it will have enough power to support the inflatable/game/concession.

Is it normal to tip the driver?

Yes, tipping is greatly appreciated by our drivers. Generally in the U.S. it is customary to tip 10%-15% for services based on the level of service. Party rentals are considered a service since you technically do not purchase anything nor pay sales tax because of it.

Be sure to check out our insurance page.

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